Bronco Bike Program Keeps HC Students Healthy


Hastings students are helping keep their student body healthy through their "Bronco Bike Program," but they're not the only ones in the community making healthy changes. City officials are seeing an increase in people on the road - walking, jogging or cycling, and they'd like to keep that momentum going.

The Bronco Bike Program serves Hastings College students. Ashton Lambie, a student and the program's mechanic said many students are grateful for the program that was initiated in 2010.

"We get a lot of people out-of-state or out-of-town and it's a lot easier to rent these bikes," Lambie said.

The program is keeping college students healthy, and assists them with bicycle maintenance and upkeep.

Lambie used to do that maintenance in his basement before taking on the role of the bike program's mechanic two years ago. He said the community as a whole could be more bike friendly and active.

Another health conscious group in town is working toward making their city healthy. "Healthy Hastings" has launched their "Share our Streets" campaign. The Hastings City Council voted to add new signs around town to educate the public on safety and promote sharing the roads.

Healthy Hastings Chairman, Michael Krings said, "If everyone was physically active it would snowball and people would do more and be less restrictive."

"It needs to become a thing where people expect bikers and then the roads become safer," Hastings student Lambie said. "But you can't get that until you get more people riding and you get safer roads."

Healthy Hastings chairman said the signs are only the beginning of a campaign they hope will lead to a healthier community.

"Being physically active is a culture, a mindset that if we can engrave that in our children early, hopefully that's something they can take on for the rest of their life," said Krings.

He said the organization will begin to send Hastings Public Schools students home with reflective stickers to add to their bikes and teach them the correct hand signals while on the road.

Healthy Hastings officials will soon give away bicycles to grade school students for 'National Bike Day.'

It's all to teach healthy habits at a young age so those children may continue to carry those habits throughout their lives -- similar to habits of some HC students.

The "Share Our Streets" campaign isn't only about the cyclists it's about creating a safe environment for all sharing the road.