Bruning Proposes Crackdown from Stalkers to New Synthetic Drug


Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning hasproposed a legislative crackdown on several different fronts.

His proposal would focus on stalkers,patent trolls who target businesses, a synthetic drug known as K2 and peoplewho solicit child pornography. Bruning identified these measures Tuesday as hislegislative priorities.

One bill, by Sen. Heath Mello, isdesigned to hinder groups that acquire patents just to collect fees andthreaten businesses with litigation.

Another measure by Sen. Burke Harrwould make it illegal to even solicit child pornography, as current state law onlybans the actual possession of child porn.

A third measure by Sen. DanielleConrad would treat harassment and stalking as separate criminal offenses, andwould allow stiffer penalties for prior violations.

Sen. Ken Schilz will propose a ban ona new form of K2, a synthetic drug that has killed youths in Nebraska.