Bruning Reacts to Proposed PPACA Rule Change


Lincoln- Attorney General Jon Bruning released the a statement regarding Friday's announcement of proposed rule changes for religious employers related to the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
His statement is as follows:

"This proposal is the first critical step to correct a flagrantly unconstitutional mandate. However, today's announcement is only notice of a proposed rule. As the federal health care law exists today, it continues to infringe upon the religious liberty of millions of Americans. The federal government continues to rely upon accounting gimmicks to address the concerns of religious non-profits that do not qualify for the exemption. And, this rule utterly fails to address the concerns of for-profit corporations with religious objections to providing coverage for services contrary to their beliefs," said Bruning.

Bruning also noted the proposed rule may be subject to future modification, or fail to receive finalization, by the federal government.

A full copy of the proposal can be viewed at