Bruning Says Negative Ads Distort Truth


The campaign for governor is heating up, with negative ads hitting the air. Jon Bruning says attack ads against him distort the truth.

One television spot says Bruning has made millions while serving as attorney general.

The ad is from the American Future Fund, a group that has been supporting State Sen. Beau McCoy for Governor.

However, Bruning links the attack ads to another candidate in the race, Pete Ricketts.

Bruning told NTV, "One of my opponents is a billionaire, paying for a lot of negative ads. I trust Nebraskans to make the right decision. I'm not worried about it. Nebraskans know me, know I've worked hard as AG, been effective, led the lawsuit against ObamaCare, sue the EPA to keep them out of our business. I know what it takes to protect our interests. I've fought for that. They know I'll continue doing that."

Pete Ricketts issued a statement to NTV, saying he is not involved in the ads against Bruning.

Ricketts said, "Let me be clear: I am not engaged in negative advertising in this race. Nor am I making unfounded and reckless charges about who might be funding outside advertising. Instead, my campaign is focused on how we as a state grow good-paying jobs, a vibrant agricultural economy and lower taxes."

Bruning also says he's focused on the issues, like cutting taxes. He says property taxes are too high and that the state can do better.

He says he will follow in the footsteps of the past two governors, Gov. Dave Heineman and Sen. Mike Johanns and promote agriculture and lower taxes.