Bryant Elementary Celebrates 100th Day of School with a Fun Twist


Students and staff at Bryant Elementary in Kearney seemed to age overnight.

The school celebrated the one hundredth day of school Monday with a special twist -- students and staff dressed up like they were 100 years old.

Fake mustaches, glasses, hats and canes were among some of the favorites for many students.

Second grade teacher Michelle Fouts thought this would be a fun way to keep up the morale.

"A phrase that we use at our school is, if it's worth learning then it's worth celebrating. Every day everybody does math and reading and writing. Sometimes you just need to celebrate everything you've done. And you're learning, like today on the one hundredth day, but it's in a different fashion," she said.

This is the first year the school has chosen to dress up for the day.

The students also participated in other events throughout the day, like the aging photo booth -- an application on the iPad that allows kids to morph a photo into an older version of themselves.

Prior to the event, students also wrote about what they thought they'd be like, and be doing when they are 100 years old.