"Painting It Forward" Nurtures Creativity For Good Cause


Nurturing creativity for a good cause, Painting It Forward allows budding artists to show that helping others can be as simple as a brush stroke on a canvas.

Local artists guide students through steps of a painting to take home their own masterpiece.

It's the first fundraiser of its kind for Community Action Partnership of Mid Nebraska, which offers programs ranging from educational opportunities to rent and utility assistance.

Organizers say this is a fun and creative way for artists to broaden their horizons in many ways.

"We thought this would attract individuals who may pay to do this though it doesn't necessarily go back and help somebody else," said Community Action's Tammy Jeffs. "So we know there are businesses that operate with this idea so we took it as a fundraiser so that the funds you pay to paint your picture goes back and help educate and make a family more secure."

"I think it's a great way to give back to the community," said program artist Kyleigh Skaggs. "Painting's kind of a personal thing; usually those who like to paint just do it for themselves, so it's nice to be able to help others while doing it."

Three classes were offered on Saturday. And the funds raised from those classes will go toward specific programs at Community Action.

Organizers are also hoping to do another class in Lexington later this summer.