Buffalo Bill Historic Ranch


Buffalo Bill's Wild West show took him all around the world, but he always called North Platte his home.
William Frederick Cody, AKA Buffalo Bill, did it all. He was a rider in the pony express, an army scout, and wagon master. But most of all he's remembered for entertaining thousands with his touring Wild West show.
"He was just a very famous household name back then and still is," said Aric Riggins, the assitant parks superintendant.
Bill first came to Nebraska as a scout at Fort McPherson. "He was stationed there for a number of years and just liked this area here and developed his house, bought this land, developed his ranch on this spot," Riggins said.
Cody used the ranch when he wasn't on tour across the country and in Europe. "Buffalo Bill set the stage in what the west was like. Once it got developed, its true character was lost and he kind of helped preserve that with his wild west show and what the wild west was really all about. "
The show lasted for nearly 30 years, turning Buffalo Bill into a larger than life character. However the show declined in popularity in the early 1900s and Bill was Forced to sell the ranch in 1911.
"It was a huge success in the early years then towards the end of his life it started to
phase out in its popularity, but it went for a large number of years as a popular event."
Bill died in Denver, Colorado in 1917. The ranch became a state historical park in 1965. The house and barn have been restored and you can even see his namesake here. "If anyone is interested in history at all, this is a great place to see."

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