Buffalo County Emergency Management Still Accepting Flood Damage Reports


Buffalo County officials say they are still taking damage report forms after the severe flash flooding event that affected many Kearney area residents earlier this month.

Buffalo County Emergency Management says the storm that ripped through Kearney on August 9th dropped anywhere from 3.5 to 5 inches of rain in and around the area all within an hour's time.

Shortly after the flooding took place, the city of Kearney signed an emergency declaration which was then forwarded to the state.

Though the cut-off to turn in the damage report forms was originally last week, emergency management has decided to extend filings through the end of the month as more and more people continue to send in forms.

"We need information from those individuals that have been affected by the flood and do not have insurance, so that we can meet the threshold and we can maybe get some state or federal assistance," said Buffalo County Emergency Manager Darrin Lewis.

Lewis says most in the area do not specifically have flood insurance, and he adds that the more individual cases that are filled, the better chances there are for different types of state and federal funding to be provided.

“There are some mini grants for property loss, there are some mini grants for low income individuals, and then for the business and home owners that have suffered a significant amount of loss the federal government offers long-term low interest loans."

Lewis is not yet sure if the area will receive assistance for this storm.

He says a lot also depends on the number of claims filed in other areas of the state during or around the same time as the city of Kearney's filing for state and federal assistance.

To obtain a damage report form, visit or visit their office location at 1512 Central Ave. Kearney.