Buffalo County Korean War Veterans Eligible for Trip to Washington D.C.


Applications from Buffalo County Korean War veterans are being accepted for a special trip to Washington D.C.

As of March 1, Buffalo County veterans who served during the Korean Conflict from June 21, 1950 - January 31, 1955 are eligible to apply.

Twenty-five veterans will be accepted for the trip set for June 4 - June 7 leaving out of Omaha. Shuttling to and from Omaha will also be provided.

Each veteran is required to have a companion to accompany them on the trip, who must come up with around $450 on their own.

They hope to raise around $60,000 in funds. Many private donors and organizations have already made plans to donate, but local fundraiser will be a big portion of contributions.

Trips for veterans of WWII have taken place in the past and organizers say they were a big success.

"It was something really to see and the people coming up and thanking you for your service, was just really heart felt and really grabbed your heart," said WWII trip veteran Frank Dineen.

The trip gives veterans a chance to see in person the memorials that were built in their honor.

Applications can be picked up at the Kearney Hub and Kearney Chamber of Commerce, as well as the American Legion in Kearney.

Applications are due April 15.

To donate to the fund you can send checks to the Kearney Hub made out to Korean War Hero Flight.