Bump in Housing for Hayes Center Residents


Small towns seem to have a tough time holding onto or gaining new residents.

And many times housing, or the lack there of plays a big role.

Hayes Center has been clinching onto a population of about 215 people.

Citizens feel that the lack of housing has made it difficult to keep or gain new residents, but the last year has brought a spike in development.

"People come into this community with plans for housing development. This year we did have three more houses come in and there is a plan to continue more housing and renting here in this area, which is a big need," said resident Tanya Monnahan.

Southwest Feeders, a nearby feed lot has played a large role in keeping residents nearby, as well as keeping the housing demand alive.

Contractors in the area bring pre built homes to the community for rent that are newer and available at affordable prices.

Three homes in a year may not seem like much to areas like Kearney or Grand Island, but for Hayes center, where like many small towns it is fighting to stay alive, it's a step in the right direction.