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Old Sleepy Eye--was an Indian chief born in Minnesota in 1780. His name was used for a town name as well as the local milling company. In 1903, the Sleepy Eye Milling Company contracted with Weir Pottery of Monmouth, Illinois to make steins, vases, salt crocks, and butter tubs which the company gave away as premiums.

In 1906, Weir Pottery merged with six others to form the Western Stoneware Company. Western also produced blue-white stoneware pieces but never as premiums for the milling company. Other colors were produced but are quite scarce. The line was in production until 1937.

Beaded Whimsey . . . from approximately 1890 to 1910 these beaded items (purses-pillows) were quite popular.
Purses, pillows, match holders . . .
Folk art/souvenir . . .

Patriotic themes--this example has a Spanish-American War influence.

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