Businesses Asked to Check Status with Secretary of State


A new bill will go into effect Jan. 1, 2013 that may leave some businesses dissolved if they do not take action to be reinstated.

The new law says that businesses that have been administratively dissolved for more than five years will loose their good standing and will not be allowed to be reinstated.

Thebill applies to limited liability companies, corporations, nonprofitcorporations and limited cooperative associations.

Accordingto Secretary of State John Gale, the law helps combat business identity theft, a growing nationalproblem. "Limiting the time for reinstatement removes business entities thathave long stopped operating in the state and keeps them from being reinstatedby someone else for criminal purposes."

Galesaid all business entities in Nebraska should review their status with hisoffice and reinstate when appropriate before the expiration of five years. "Forsome businesses, those that were dissolved in 2007 and before but are stilloperating will essentially be wiped off the books if they have not taken theappropriate steps to reinstate prior to the January 1 deadline," said Gale.Between 2002 and 2007, approximately 18,000 businesses in Nebraska have beendissolved.

Ifthe reinstatement is granted, the business entity can resume its activities asif the dissolution or revocation had not occurred.

The status of a business can be checked for free by logging ontothe Secretary of State's website. Look Under "Quick Links" onthe main page for "Corporate & Business Search".

If the status of your business is inactive, call the BusinessServices Division of the Secretary of State's office at 402-471-4079 or send anemail to torequest the appropriate forms to reinstate.