Buy Local to Avoid Cyclospora


Sixty-one cases of Cyclospora have been reported in Nebraska alone, leaving many concerned about future outbreaks.

The illness, which experts now believe was passed to the United States from other countries' contaminated vegetables, is far less likely to affect those who shop locally.

Marsha Carlson, of Two Rivers Public Health in Holdrege, says, "Right now is a good time to buy local because of all the farmer's markets. Almost every town has a farmer's market. It can happen even here, but the risk for it coming from another country is much much greater."

Some symptoms of this parasite include severe diarrhea and dehydration, fatigue, loss of appetite, stomach cramping and vomiting.

Health officials urge you to seek medical help if you've been experiencing these symptoms for more than a week, since Cyclospora can affect the body for up to 57 days.