Cabela's Service Project Spruces Up School's Outdoor Classroom


Kearney Cabela's and other community members join forces to prove that conservation can happen anywhere.

Over 100 volunteers met at Meadowlark School's Dryland River Walk outdoor classroom Sunday evening as part of Cabela's Campfire project.

For more than 19 years, this area has become more than an educational platform for the school district...but also a place for community recreation as well.

"It's good to see Kearney–ites out here come out and be part of this so at first when you don't see a lot of people showing up," said Cabela's Marketing Specialist Joe Krepel. "But I think I knew deep in my heart we were going to have a good number. Was I expecting a hundred plus, no, so I'm really excited to see all these people here, more importantly, I'm so excited to see so many children out here."

"It is so important to involve the community," said project coordinator Kim Humphrey. "The community has given so much to us and we want to give back to them and we want them to be able to use this as well, so it's a great cooperation."

This is the second year Kearney Cabela's has done this service project. Children from other schools, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts also helped out.