Cairo Dog Helps Newtown Residents Cope With Tragedy


Sometimes man's best friend can be there when we need a little pick-me-up, but one Cairo dog went to Newtown, Connecticut after the horrific shootings to comfort families there.

Moses the comfort dog, from the Lutheran Church Charities organization is the only comfort dog in Nebraska.

And his special treat comes from helping others, most recently the Newtown families.

Nathan and Jaci Knuth are handlers of Moses and they went to Newtown to visit the students and families.

"The experiences were outstanding. It was a great opportunity to listen to their stories," said Jaci.

The power of a loving dog helped many cope with the tragedy.

"Just when they saw the dog they responded instantly," said Jaci.

A loving dog is one step of the long recovery process.

"The kids would just open up and share their stories of their dogs at home and a lot of them said the kids haven't talked to anybody for two weeks about anything," said Nathan.

The LCC was the only group allowed in the school besides state officials to comfort the residents.

You can visit Moses by finding him on Facebook.