Callaway Hosts 24th Annual Kite Flight


A rural community member's vision 24 years ago has been turned into a festival that draws hundreds of people from all over.

Multiple colors, shapes and sizes of kites filled the Sandhill skies over the weekend during the 24th annual Callaway Kite Flight.

The festival started with a single kite in a field and has grown to over 800 attendees. Organizers say the growth makes for a fun family weekend.

"To me it's about the good old fashioned fun, watching the kids run around the fields and flying kites instead of sitting in front of the tv," said event committee member Mitzi Graham. "So I just think it's really good for them, it's good for us because we get to watch them and that kind of thing doesn't happen anymore."

Plans are already being made for next year's 25th anniversary.