Callaway Kite Flight Brings Many Rewards To Community, Participants, Visitors

Clear sunny skies made for a great day to go fly a kite. It's a fun event that helps support a North Central Nebraska community.

The town of Callaway has hosted the Kite Flight festival for 24 years, bringing in people from nearly 28 states and 20 foreign countries.

Event officials say the popularity of the Kite Flight means added revenue to businesses in town.

"That money goes around 10 times in this community before it liquidates down to nothing," said event committee member Marvin Smith. "And with our hardware store, grocery store and hospital and everything we have a very good base and it does help us, it helps us tremendously."

It's a simple event, but one long–time participant hopes people come away with one thing.

"Fun. I could sum it up in one word, fun. As long as they have a good time, I mean that's what it's all about," said kite enthusiast Roger Kenkel. "And if a few people catch the kiting bug and get interested in it, all the better."

The Callaway Kite Flight continues Sunday with flights starting at 10 A.M. just Southeast of town on Highway 40.