Cambridge Bed and Breakfast


One central Nebraska bed and breakfast makes you feel at home once you step inside.
They also give you a history lesson in the process.
The {A href="" target=_blank}Cambridge Bed and Breakfast has a little history too. The house was the original home
of the first mayor of Cambridge. It includes elaborate architecture and some beautiful faux
painting by the original artists that is still here to this day.
And in case you are wondering the owners of this hotel are Hiltons, and they are very, very distant relatives of the famous hotel icons. But they appreciate their small inn and the people they've met along the way.
Guests say they love the baked goods and rumor has it that Gerald brews up a mean cup of coffee making many want to come back to the small B and B.
The Hiltons are putting together many vacation and weekend getaway packages for the bed and breakfast.

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