Can the Food You Eat Impact Your Mood?


The foods we eat may be a big factor in deciding our moods and how we feel.

We know that we tend to eat certain foods when weexperience certain feelings, like chocolate when we feel sad or bread when wefeel like we need energy. What we don't think about is how tochoose certain foods to have a positive impact on our moods.

Researchshows that one of the things we tend to do as we age is restrict our diets tofoods we are comfortable with, or easy or inexpensive to prepare, or that don'trequire a lot of energy or time. We have found that eating the samefoods frequently, even when they are considered healthful foods such as salads,can have a negative effect on how we feel.

Mostof us know what foods we should be choosing to eat -- fresh is best, limitprocessed and fast foods as well as sugars and salt. What we can dobetter is give our diets more variety. If we always eat wheat toastin the morning change that up to rye one day, all grain the next, wheat thenext, etc.

If we always eat salad at supper, great, but change itup. Lettuce one day, cabbage the next, mixed greens thenext. Variety assures we are getting the proper balanceof nutrients to keep our moods stable.

Andfinally, find someone to eat with. Senior centers and congregatemeals offer socialization and pleasant eating companions. Choose asenior living community that provides meals so that meal times are pleasant.

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