Canal Cleanup Efforts Yield Truckload of Trash


Volunteers pulledtruckloads of garbage out of the Kearney Canal on Saturday.

Members of the Kearney Whitewater Association say they're trying to develop thecanal into a recreational area for kayaking and canoeing.

But KWA President Carson Rowh says the waterway has been neglected for about acentury and debris has piled up.

He says some trash washes downstream, but appliances, car parts, and tires getdumped in the canal too.

"We did a cleanup about a year ago and pulled 3.5 tons of garbage out of here,and so this is a follow up effort to that, working with the city and NPPD toget as much of the stuff out of here as possible, make it safer and cleaner,"says Rowh.

Rowh says weather prevented them from getting to their cleanup project untilSaturday. Levels are low, but he sayswater will be let in starting in about a week, so it was their last chance toget some of the trash picked up before then.