Cancer Fundraiser Gone Wrong When Woman Pockets Money


A 19-year old woman has taken advantage of a fundraiser aimed at helping an infant with cancer.

The Juhl family didn't know one of their family "friends" was selling t-shirts and then pocketing the money.

The fundraiser was to raise money for 8-month-old Brantlee James Juhl suffering from Leukemia.

Now the family is picking up the pieces.

"She came to see him once," said Brantlee's mother, Leah Juhl.

A good deed is always welcome from a family friend, but for the Juhls, this friend they say didn't turn in money from a fundraiser benefiting Brantlee.

"She volunteered to do a t-shirt thing and nobody was getting anything -- it was just excuse after excuse," said Juhl.

Excuses that left the Juhls wondering what was actually happening to that money.

"The shirts were just delayed, delayed, and delayed and never came in and people were hounding us and (saying) where's my stuff and it never did come in," said Marryln Juhl, grandfather to Brantlee.

The Juhls received phone calls from random numbers asking where their orders went. Then the final straw was when a call the family received was from a welding shop in Florida.

According to the Furnas County Sheriffs Office, they arrested Kelsey Kennedy on theft by deception raising over $1,000 which is a class IV felony. She has since bonded out of jail.

"Something you don't expect in a town of only a thousand people," said Marryln.