England's Stonehenge, one of the world's greatest mysteries, dates back to about 2500 B.C.

It's as authentically correct as you can get on this side of the planet and Nebraska's replica, Carhenge, dates back 20 years and started as a family reunion project.

"We recognize it as a piece of Americana art and out here on the Plains where you can go a long time seeing rolling sand hills...something so unique as a big piece of art, I love it," said Marcia Buck, the President of Friends of Carhenge.

But when the structure was first build it was shunned by locals as it was called the vertical junkyard.

No one can deny the worldly appeal and the 30,000 visitors a month during the summer.

"Last year we were in eight different countries tourist books. Germany and France named Carhenge one of the top twelve places to visit in the United States," Buck said.

But the marvels haven't stopped there. Carhenge includes as autograph vehicle, the four seasons and car-nestoga.

Liz Lee, the former President of Friends of Carhenge stated that, "The basic premise to the Car Art Reserve is that anything can go up there as long as it's made from car parts and is approved by the Friends of Carhenge."

"At one time we had three foreign cars up on the henge itself and then there was a resurgence of buying American made cars so they buried them and made a memorial," said Buck.

A new visitor's center just opened, and they're looking for your help getting license plates from every county, state and country.

Other Alliance attractions include Dawby's Frontier Town, an art museum and a new military museum.

Carhenge will have it's 20th anniversary celebration in late June, and the creator of the structure is expected to attend.

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