Cattle Kids, Grand Island Win Big with Junior Nationals


It's hard to pick a winner inside the show arena, and out.

Grand Island wins with another big event at the Nebraska State Fair livestock complex.

And the kids win, with a great venue for the Chianina and Maine Anjou Junior Nationals.

"Shows doing really good, good turnout," Tyler Lay of Glenvil said.

Some families came from Texas, Kentucky, and beyond. Others from Glenvil, Ayr, Cairo, and St. Paul.

Not matter how long the drive, these kids are all driven to put in the effort.

"A lot more than somebody would think," Kyle Placke of St. Paul said. "Always something to do, lot of work goes in before we even get here."

Bailey Hinrichs of Ayr said, "It is a lot of work – get them in the barn in the morning, feed twice a day, rinse twice a day, blow them out and all that, make sure all cows out in the pasture are doing good – all calves are healthy, and raise crops too."

It's much more than showing cattle. There are quiz bowls, speech contests, and livestock judging.

For kids like Bailey Hinrichs, a senior at Adams Center, it's a chance to grow as leaders.

"It's a great opportunity to learn about so many different things and a fun time for kids," she said.

Bailey, Tyler, and Kyle all come from family farms. And experiences like this encourage them to return.

"I want to go back and farm," Tyler said. He is currently studying business administration at Doane.

Kyle Placke studies ag business at Hastings College. He too wants to come back to the family cattle business near Grand Island, because of the lifestyle.

"Just being outside – always something different, new challenges," he explained.

Bailey said someone needs to grow the cattle that feed people, and she too hopes to be involved in that as a career.

She said, "I really like ag and that's what my family's into."

Events like this wouldn't happen without the state fairgrounds.