Cattlemen Reveal "Beef State" License Plate


If you put beef on your dinner plate, now you can show pride in the "Beef State" on your license plate, as the Nebraska Cattlemen unveil the state's newest license plate only on NTV.

And the winner is... a photo of cattle grazing in the Sandhills.

The Nebraska Cattlemen say the plate was by far the top vote getter. They received around 5,000 votes in their online poll.

It is a speciality plate, and will cost an additional $70 per vehicle. The Cattlemen need 500 orders to begin production.

That phrase was on Nebraska plates from 1956 to 1965, and the Nebraska Cattlemen say "That phrase was a great source of pride to beef producers and many others around the state."

But despite the expansion of the beef industry, and the state's position as the top beef producer, those license plates became only a relic of history.

Sen. Deb Fischer proposed resurrecting the slogan on all plates, but the idea failed to gain traction.
However, the state allows non-profits to create their own plates and the Cattlemen pursued that option. This would not replace the state's current license plate, and will be optional for those who choose to pay the additional fee.
Ashley Nunnenkamp of the Cattlemen says response was greater than they imagined. They hope to get the minimum number of orders soon, and the license plates could start showing up on vehicles within a matter of weeks.
Nunnenkamp said they are working closely with the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure a high quality plate.
The plates come with a $70 fee above the regular car registration fees and taxes.
Those wishing to purchase a plate can do so online through the Nebraska Cattlemen.