Cattlemen Want to Put Beef on Your Plate -- Your Car's Plate

Nebraska Cattlemen want you to put beef on more than your dinner plate, but also on your license plate.
The Nebraska Cattlemen Board of Directors along with the Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation are trying to resurrect Nebraska's "Beef State" license plates.
That phrase was on plates from 1956 to 1965, and the Nebraska Cattlemen say "That phrase was a great source of pride to beef producers and many others around the state."
But despite the expansion of the beef industry, and the state's position as the top beef producer, those license plates became only a relic of history.
So as part of the 12th anniversary or the formation of the Nebraska Cattlemen, the group thought it was time to promote that heritage.
They are conducting an online vote, at Online voting will conclude Friday, June 28.
In order to go into production, the Cattlemen would need 500 applications from citizens wishing to use the plates.
The plates come with a $70 fee above the regular car registration fees and taxes.
NTV's Grow will reveal the final results of the online vote once the process is completed.