Celebrating New Year's Day with Old Traditions

Sandra Barrera displays the "old man" she made to send out the old year and welcome in the new one.

By Carmen Montes

Facebooking on her iPhone is a pretty American way to keep in touch with her native Colombia. But Sandra Barrera has other ways to remember where she came from, like building an old man doll with old clothes and newspaper to say good bye to an old year and becoming ready to welcome in a new one.

"Then we show it in the front of the house and put fireworks inside the doll. We put a sock for a face, at midnight we burn the old man doll and that means the old year dies,"describes Sandra.

Want to bring in the luck of money for the New Year? Why not try wearing some yellow underwear.

As Sandra says, "underwear has to be yellow so that means we want to a lucky year with money, we want to be rich."

If yellow underwear isn't enough, try putting money in your pockets before midnight.

"You have to have money in your pockets so you have money for the whole year, you don't want to be broke, so keep money in your pockets always," says Sandra as she demonstrates by putting money in her pocket.

How about keeping your food pantry stocked? No worries, make some lentils for the new year and share. "Lentils mean that you are going to have a lot of food in your house for the whole year so we cook lentils and eat them as well. You also have to offer people that come to your house for good luck," says Sandra.

Other traditions include sweeping dust from your home out towards the street and eating 12 grapes for wishes. So while the most of us wait for the ball drop in New York, you could get your broom and start sweeping to get the negative vibes out of your home.

Have a Happy New Year!