Center for Rural Affairs Receives Grant for Farm to School Program


The Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons, Neb. has beenselected to receive a federal grant aimed at connecting school cafeterias andlocal farmers and ranchers.

The Center for Rural Affairs received nearly $100,000 fromthe U.S. Department of Agriculture's Farm to School Program.

"In ruraland urban communities across the country, farm to school is teaching studentswhere food comes from and how it gets to their plate, and encouraging them tomake healthier food choices in the cafeteria and at home," said AgricultureSecretary Tom Vilsack. "Farm to school programs are an investment in the healthof our nation's children and in the vibrancy of rural economies."

The Center for Rural Affairs will use the program to providetraining and technical assistance to both farmers and food service personnel onhow to start a Farm to School program.

The center will work with farmers and 10 local schools toget the program up and running. Trainings will be offered for farmers and foodservice personnel on farm food safety and usage.

The program hopes to reach beyond those 10 schools in thesecond year by inviting people from around the state to hear how the program isworking.

Find updates for the project on the program's Facebookpage.