Central City School Board Seeks New Member After Recall


Applications are available for those wanting to become the next Central City School Board member.

A spot was left vacant after the recall of Kent Malm in January.

Monday, the remaining five board members approved the application which is due February 14 at noon.

They will ultimately choose Malm's replacement.

"We have to go through them and see the qualifications," said Dale Palser, Central City School Board chairman. "Depending on how many there are, we might have an outside source help us go through them."

The board also approved that outside help to determine a strategy and questions for the applicants.

They'll pay for it with money budgeted for a second recall election that never happened.

This was all prompted by the firing of football coach Darin Garfield last year.

Following the recall, Palser said it's back to business as usual.

Individuals interested in applying for the board position can find the application on the district's website and at the superintendent's office.