Central Community College Kearney Center Expansion


One college is in need of a new Kearney home as rapid growth has led to too little room for students.

Central Community College has purchased land just across the street from the new high school in hopes of working hand in hand. The current building staff and students work in what was once a bowling alley and student and teachers alike believe it's simply not big enough.

"Always at the beginning of the class it's full," said Lori, a student at CCC.

Central Community College isn't having a problem filling seats, but making sure there is enough room to complete a lab. "We have to share our nursing lab between, LPN, ADN program, med aid and nursing assistant," said Michael Cox, regional coordinator at CCC.

Student Queen Omaraha adds, "It's sometimes uncomfortable when you don't have enough space to work."

This new facility will provide up to 60,000 square-feet compared to the current 14,000.

"We will end up with a more modernized facility for nursing and it's highly likely we'll devote significant space for advanced manufacturing and information technology," said CCC President Dr. Greg Smith.

CCC purchased property directly across from the site of Kearney's future high school on the northeast corner of 11th Street and 30th Avenue, and the location is no coincidence.

"Having the new high school and our new facility essentially co-located will present a lot of opportunities for cooperation and collaboration," said Smith. They hope to partnership with Kearney High for a seamless transition that would help students identify their career interests earlier and move through the educational system sooner.

"I mean who doesn't like a brand new facility? So once they see that, it will attract more students to come here," said Omaraha.

CCC is still deciding exactly what the new facility will look like and what kind of classes will be offered. The current building off of Second Avenue will most likely be sold.