Central NE Natives Aim to Help Local Stylists Renew Licenses, Learn


Classes held in Grand Island Monday made it easier for hair stylists in the tri-cities to keep their cosmetology license.

Central Nebraska natives Kelly Patton and Lindsay Hurtz are hoping to bring the latest styling tips to the areas where they grew up.

"We know that out here stylists don't have access, so we love bringing everything that we get in larger cities, when we go to Chicago and other places, and bringing it out here," said Hurtz, co-owner of Ignite the Industry.

Educators said many stylists drive to Lincoln or Omaha for classes because of limited courses in central Nebraska.

"[We want] to save them the drive, to save them that whole rigmarole of a weekend off," said Patton, also a co-owner.

For stylists like Barbara Howe, classes in Grand Island could shave a half hour off a potential drive from Superior to Lincoln.

They need eight hours of education every two years to keep their state license.

"But, we try to go at least once or twice a year for the learning part of it," said Howe, of Superior.

Educators said knowing the latest trends is crucial as the internet changes their industry.

"They come in to the salon so much more aware of what they want, so us as stylists have to be prepared for what they're going to be asking for," said Hurtz.

Ignite the Industry isn't having trouble filling classes. In their second season, they're already expanding.

"We added one more class in Alliance, Nebraska because we were getting a lot of phone calls that the panhandle, that way up in the area, they weren't getting many classes," said Patton.

These educators said their only problem is finding the right venue when they go to places like Alliance or Kearney or North Platte. In Grand Island, though, they said the Nebraska State Fair building they use works well for them.