Central Nebraska Joins OK Tornado Relief


Central Nebraska's volunteers are working to send all the help they can, to tornado relief efforts for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.

Trucks and volunteers from around the state are flowing into devastated neighborhoods of Moore, Oklahoma.

One effort to help from Central Nebraskans' comes from Eakes Office Plus locations in the Tri-Cities. The company is filling up a truck to help volunteers in Oklahoma.

Ginger Krutz, marketing coordinator for Eakes, said, "People in Central Nebraska can really relate to being hit by tornadoes, so a lot of people have been affected and they find it in their heart that they need to help and donate."

Krutz said their contact in Oklahoma shared with them that their primary effort right now is helping with relief effort for volunteers. She said, "Household goods, clothing, stuff like that there's really not a need for as they don't have anywhere to put that right now. People have been displaced from their homes, they don't have anywhere to keep household items."

Items Krutz said are needed are to help the volunteers in the search and rescue efforts. They're asking for water bottles, Gatorade, hand sanitizers, gloves and non-perishable food items.

While Eakes Office Plus works to help those helping others, the American Red Cross said monetary donations are best for helping victims. They said many times in disasters it takes too long to sort through household goods.

Donna Titman, executive director of the Central Plains Chapter of the American Red Cross said, "General human nature says ‘I have extra clothes, I have furniture I'm not using,' and while this is a very nice and kind thing to do, the relief is that these folks don't know what they need and they have emergency needs that need to be taken care of first."

The state's Red Cross has sent two volunteers to Oklahoma, one from Lincoln and the other from Grand Island.

The donations to the Red Cross will help with many roles including case work, mass feeding, medical help and warehouse distribution.

Krutz said, "Hopefully if something like this ever happened here people would do the same."

The donation drives at Eakes Office Plus will run until Thursday at 5 p.m. in Hastings, Kearney, and Grand Island. Krutz and one other volunteer will drive the supplies to Oklahoma.

To learn more about other local donation drives, go to