Central Platte NRD Concerned About Advancement of Water Compensation Bill


Following the advancement of a bill that would possibly compensate some farmers in the state due to water restrictions, the Central Platte Natural Resources District says passing the bill might set a dangerous precedent.

LB 522 would provide compensation to farmers in the Republican River Basin if the state were to cut off their access to surface water. Lawmakers voted Tuesday to advance the bill as the reminder of last summer's drought conditions linger.

There also remains concerns about a 1943 water-sharing agreement between Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado. Kansas has previously claimed that Nebraska violated the compact by over-using water from the Republican River.

However, the NRD says compensating only a select group of irrigation districts will be seen as unfair by those not receiving compensation thus inviting future lawsuits.

According to a statement from the NRD, board members are planning to contact local senators to express their concerns about the bill which faces future debate in the legislature.