Hall County Fair Challenges 4-H Kids

The Hall County Fair wrapped up Sunday, and many 4-H kids had a lot to be proud of.

One competition that really stood out was a very exclusive competition called the Round Robin Showmanship.

4-H member Jillian Dixson made the competition after winning a sheep showmanship.

"If you get senior showmanship champion or reserve champion, you come to this and show every kind of animal, like sheep, goats, pigs, cows, horses," Dixson said.

The most challenging part to the Round Robin is that many of the kids might have never interacted with cattle or a horse or sheep, but Dixson says that's part of the fun.

"It's a really fun experience because you get to show new things," she said.

The competition came to the Hall County Fair four years ago.

Kourtney Kruse, who spent much of her life in 4-H, the FFA, and now acts as a 4-H judge, says it's a great chance to learn about new animals.

"There are certain animals I didn't grow up with or I didn't raise and work with them, and this gives you the opportunity that you can work with them," she said.

For many kids, the competition is a chance to conquer their fears.

"It was kind of scary, but once you get moving along it went a lot better than you thought it would," Dixson said.