Changes Ahead for Cozad's Robert Henri Museum


The Robert Henri Museum in Cozad has been up and running since the mid-'80s.

The museum, which was the original childhood home of the famous artist, is now awaiting a new addition.

Plans for a permanent building on the northwest side of the property have been approved by the Board of Directors and will be more accessible to view Henri's sketches and paintings.

"A lot of people can't get up and down our steep stairs and to have a climate-controlled, secure site to keep these valuable paintings is going to be very beneficial to this museum," said the board's vice president, Larry Karre.

One of Henri's most famous paintings, "The Young Woman in Yellow" will be on loan to the museum throughout the summer.

Officials say having the building up and running by the start of the summer season would be ideal.

And thanks to a $15,000 grant from Union Pacific, plans for the estimated 30 by 30 ft. building are underway.

Though there will be an addition to the site, focus will be on the original structure.

"We don't want to take away from how it looks now. We don't want something that stands out like a sore thumb. It's just going to hopefully blend in," said Henri Museum Executive Director Jan Patterson.

The building will also have the same exterior look as the original house.

And while the gallery will house the "Young Woman in Yellow" for a relatively short time, Patterson says she hopes it will attract more eyes and more of Henri's originals in the future.

"He had a vision of art and we have a vision of where we want to go with his art. And maybe acquire more paintings of his original oil paintings, and this can help," she said.

To support the museum and to get more information about the artist and his work, visit or call 308-784-4154.