Changes Happening with 2nd Ave. Construction in Kearney


Changes are on the way with the Second Avenue construction in Kearney.

On Wednesday Second Avenue southbound traffic will be shifted back to the newly completed southbound lanes. Traffic signals at 29th Street and 31st Street will be operating as normal.

Motorists will be allowed left turns again where left turning bays are located and traffic southbound will be closed down to one lane from 27th Street south to 25th Street.

The contractor needs to complete construction of a southbound left turning bay north of 25th Street.

During this time of construction, which will last approximately one week, weather permitting, traffic signals at 25th Street will be operating with a staggered phase northbound and southbound. This stagger will allow left turning traffic to turn without interruption from oncoming traffic. Eastbound and westbound traffic movements will not change.

Motorists are reminded to drive with caution through construction work zones and use alternate routes if at all possible to avoid the potential delays.