Changes to Intern Nebraska Program Enhance the Experience


"Withthe summer months upon us, it's a good time to remind businesses about avaluable program designed to enhance student's business skills and experience,"said Gov. Heineman.

InternNebraska provides both financial assistance to businesses creating newinternships and connects Nebraska's college students to hands-on internshipopportunities.

Internsgain valuable business experience that will help them in future careers, whilesuccessful internships help businesses develop tomorrow's leaders. Internshipsoften create lasting connections between students and the business - more than50 percent of Intern Nebraska graduating interns become full-time employees attheir places of internship.

Thereare changes that will take place this fall as a result of LB476.

Thesechanges impact businesses applying to the Intern Nebraska Grant Program on orafter LB476 becomes operative in September 2013.


  • Anew emphasis on the quality of internships rather than the type of businessthat provides the internship. This change will extend eligibility to businessesfrom all industries, including non-profits: and the Department of EconomicDevelopment will develop an action plan, which will set forth selectioncriteria for awarding of grants to businesses.
  • Afocus on internships whose duration allows students to gain valuable workexperience, rather than requiring 200 minimum hours in 12 weeks or less thatmay prove cumbersome or unachievable for businesses not located nearcolleges/universities, or which are dependent on students' school schedules andlimited breaks.
  • Discretionto award grants up to 75 percent of the cost of the internship, (increased frombetween 40 to 60 percent depending on the businesses' location.) Businessesthat hire students receiving Pell Grants will be eligible to receive up to$7,500 reimbursement per internship. All other businesses will be eligible toreceive up to $5,000 per internship.
  • Allfull-time students who are enrolled in colleges or universities in Nebraska, orare Nebraska residents attending colleges or universities outside Nebraska; andstudents who have graduated within six months are eligible. Previously, onlyfull-time students who had completed at least one half of the required credithours for an associates or bachelors degree were eligible.

Thechanges enacted through LB476 enhance the Intern Nebraska Grant Program byincreasing accessibility, ensuring our talented students are given greateropportunities to grow professionally and increase their ties to Nebraska.

Morethan 288 companies have participated in the Intern Nebraska grant program,providing internship opportunities for 445 students. Of the companiesparticipating, approximately one-third have less than 10 employees.

Morethan 40 percent of past interns rated their overall internships a 10 out of 10and over 50 percent of interns who shared their future plans reported they weregraduating and starting full-time permanent positions with the companies wherethey interned.

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