Changing Habits for Now – Click It or Ticket


The Hastings Police Department released numbers from the November 2012 ‘Click It or Ticket' mobilization between November 19th and November 25th. HPD was awarded overtime funds from the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety to participate in the program.

Officers at Hastings PD saw an increase in the number of drivers wearing seatbelts at the end of the program, compared to the start, but they said those habits don't last for long and programs like this must be repeated throughout the year.

The program helped minimize severe injuries.

"I saw in some of these citations that were issued, not just some benefits to wearing the seatbelts but also some of these citations were for things that could easily cause accidents like speeding and careless driving so hopefully those stops and those contacts also click some stuff there for people ... Saying hey we need to drive more safely," Sergeant James Baldwin said.

Sgt. Baldwin said many people think it's important to put on a seatbelt while driving in high speed areas, but that isn't always the case.

"Some of the worst accidents could be at slower speeds, even so in–town accidents."