Charges Changed for York Man Accused in Accident that Killed Aurora Teacher

Otis Newcomb

Charges have been changed for a 37-year-old York man accused of causing a crash thatkilled an Aurora teacher in November.

Otis Newcomb, who had previously pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide with a prior conviction for driving under the influence, is now charged with felony manslaughter, tampering with evidence and second-degree assault.

At a recent hearing, a judge ruled that sheriff's deputies had no probable cause to request a blood test for Newcomb and those test results were thrown out.

Authorities say the vanNewcomb was driving on Nov. 2 crossed the center line on U.S. Highway 34 abouttwo miles west of York, striking another vehicle carrying 31-year-old Lauren Akerson.

The second-grade teacher from Aurora died as a result ofthe injuries she sustained in the crash.