Charity Shoot Continues to Grow, Benefit Local Shelter


More people are taking aim to help Grand Island's homeless.

Organizers of the 6th Annual Hope Harbor Charity Fun Shoot said they expected their biggest crowd yet, counting more than 117 earlier in the afternoon.

The shoot raises money to help homeless women, children and families by housing them and helping them become more self-sufficient.

"This fundraiser is huge for us. It was one of our first real big fundraisers that's really gotten our name out in the community and this is the sixth time we've gotten to do it and each year it just gets bigger and bigger," said Melissa DeLaet, director of Hope Harbor.

The shelter was full for most of the winter, but has slowed down in the past few weeks.

"Mostly when it warms up a little bit it's a time of transition and turn over in the shelter; but we're filling up quickly and I anticipate we'll be full again by the end of the week," said DeLaet.

You can help Hope Harbor by donating food, money or your time all year round.

Saturday's shoot was one of three events going on at the Heartland Shooting Park. A Glock shoot and 4-H archery event were also held.