Chevyland USA


Gas prices might be keeping you from seeing the U.S.A., but you can see over 60 years of Chevys at Chevyland U.S.A in Elm Creek.
"It started out as a dream, ended up being a nightmare. I just wanted to put a collection of
Chevy's together, 60 years of Chevy's is what it started out to be," said Owner Monte and Jo Hollertz.
The museum started roaring its engines in 1975. Monte began his collection with a Chevy coup that he bought at an auction. After that this farmer's collection kept rolling.
"I can remember just about every one of them, what I paid for them. There's always a story
behind them," he said.
Like the one used as a getaway car in a bank robbery or the many cars that only have a couple thousand miles on them. There are over one hundred cars, motorcycles, and bikes in the museum and, they're not all Chevy's.
Is it a sin to have a ford in Chevyland, we asked. "They don't fight only just the people do, they just sit side by side and never bother anything, you know," Monte said.
And if you don't like what you see here, you can always just look out at Interstate 80 and maybe find what you're looking for.
"It brings a lot of memories back for the older folks. They dated in those cars and learned
how to drive with them and as far as I'm concerned, they had a lot of style and class to them
compared to what they're doing today," said Jo.
Monte's favorite car is a 1932 Roadster that he restored with his son. They transformed it from a pile of metal in a pasture to the beauty that you're seeing now.
"One of my friends laughed at me. He says you'll never make a car out of that one and two
years later I pushed it out the door and it was a black '32 Sport Deluxe Roadster," he said.
Monte said he doesn't restore as many cars as he used to, but for him there's only one way to see the U.S.A.