Update: Child Pronounced Dead in Hastings Accident


By Nataly Tavidian / Facebook / Twitter @NTVsNatalyT

Sunday evening, on the corner of South Street and California Avenue, a Hastings child was struck and killed in a car accident.

They waited for an interpreter and Father Benton from St. Michael's to arrive.

Neighbors gathered around the scene of the tragedy, saying they can't believe this happened on their street.

Brenda Barraza, lives in the neighborhood, she says the tragedy was preventable. "They need to put signs; any night of the week people will be speeding," Barraza said, adding " I scream at them and tell them they need to slow down, there are children at play.

Barraza also says she knew the mother of the boy. "The mother was just screaming," said Barraza. "He was going to be two in December," she added.

Father Benton said he had baptized the boy in April, 2011 and called him "a cute, precious kid."

The family's pastor identified the boy as Roy Lagunas. Benton said he married the boy's parents three years ago, and said he had been with them through many important moments in life. He described the boy's parents as very loving, and said it appeared to be an accident.

Benton said the Hispanic community in Hastings is very close, and people are providing comfort to the Lagunas family.

Police find no criminal wrongdoing in the Sunday evening accident. Officers say Lagunas simply ran out into the street. Officers say three vehicles were involved.

It's the second such death in just a matter of weeks in Hastings, where police explain it's just a tragic coincidence to have two toddlers die in a short time span.