Children's Museum of Central Nebraska


Normally we think of pretzels and specialty shops at our malls. In this week's One Tank Trip, we visit a mall where the imagination can run wild.
"Our mission statement is nuturing imaginations. We just wanted to develop a place for young kids and families where they can come and play and play to learn," explained Deb Bosle.
A place to combine playtime with learning is the {A href="" target=_blank}Children's Musuem of Central Nebraska. It's completely hands-on and lets the minds of little ones grow.
"It's just important for them, to have the hands on learning, that's how they learn best is by doing and that's what we try to do here," said Bosle, the founder and Executive Director of the museum.
The children's musuem is in the Imperial Mall in Hastings and while some stores around it get up and leave and the musuem founder says it's a good place for them.
"It's been a great location. We've had our best January and this month. It's been our best two months and it has been good," Bosle said.
There's lots for kids to see and do, from building houses to playing music and even doing grown up chores. The rest is up to the imagination.
"As they grow they may like different areas, they might start in the barnyard and the next
month they'd rather be a firemen or a house builder or veterinarian. They just travel around and usually hit all the exhibits once they're here," she said.
The musuem began four years ago and it has watched the imaginations of some run wild for that long as well.
"We've had some in the womb and now come and now are four years old and now they started getting in the camps and are having birthday parties here so it's fun to watch them," said Bosle.
And we may not be in Disneyland, but we can let our imaginations take us there.
The musuem hosts many party groups and has special events throughout the year.

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