Chuck Haase Runs for Grand Island Mayor


Last week Mayor Jay Vavricek announced he will run again. Now another name will be on the ballot as city council president and chief rival to Vavricek, Chuck Haase will begin his race.

Haase said his top priority is to work effectively and positively in a constructive matter with the city council. He says he wants to get the right people in place to lead and hopes meetings will be more inclusive.

"I think we need to be more inclusive about who we include in decisions that affect other people. That's part of the priority; the other one is our budget needs to be cleaned up," said Chuck Haase.

He said there are a lot of people in this community and it's just a matter of reaching out to them and communicating. He added that it's not about running against anybody, it's all about running for the citizens.

Haase served for the city as the director of finances prior to joining the city council and explains since taking that position, the city of Grand Island has reduced their debt, increased employee salaries, paid cash for every capitol project and put the city on a very sound financial footing.

"What is needed and what I am going to bring to the table is going to put together in a plan that will make sense to the citizen, to the city council so that everyone can put together an input and that will execute a plan that will work and will be good for all of us," said Haase.

If Haase does not get elected to the position of mayor of Grand Islands, he says he will continue to work on the council for two more years.

Haase has been a member of the city council since 2008, and his wife Joyce served for 8 years before that. He has resided in Grand Island since 1973, while his wife is a lifelong resident.

January 15 marks the Haases' 36th anniversary and he picked this day to announce his candidacy for mayor because it affects his family, so it is a special day to remember it.