Flames from Holdrege Church Fire could be seen for Blocks


An overnight fire burned so high in Holdrege it could be seen for blocks.

Flashing lights, smoke and commotion was the sight at North Park Assembly of God in Holdrege.

Officials say the fire broke out overnight in the east wing of the building, causing extensive damage.

And it's something pastor Brian Steinbach is still numb about.

"I had actually gotten a call this morning from our youth pastor, who had gotten a message from another friend whose husband was on the volunteer fire department here. We got that call I guess, maybe about 3:30 or so this morning," he said.

Fire units from Funk, Bertrand and Loomis were called to assist the Holdrege team, shedding light on just how big the fire was, how much more damage could have been done and just how quickly these teams worked to save most of the building.

"It seemed like they were out there very quickly at the early stage so we were very blessed for it not to be more extensive than what it is," says Steinbach.

The Holdrege Fire Department is calling it a save.

While the older portion of the wing where Sunday School is held is completely damaged and smoke damage is most likely throughout the building, the sanctuary itself remains fully intact.

And though the shock of the fire is just setting in for the congregation Steinbach is most grateful no one was hurt and seeing the community come together means so much.

"The advantage of being in a small community is people kind of watch out of one another and the denomination of the church and things of that nature don't seem to matter when things like this happen.

Officials are not yet sure when the building will be back to use. They're hoping the fire marshal will have that information for them in the next few days.