Church Members "Step Out And Serve" Kearney Community


Three Kearney churches came together over the weekend to help make a difference, providing landscaping, window washing, oil changes and more.

Kearney's New Life, Grace Fellowship, and E–Free churches gave up a Sunday service to 'Step Out and Serve'.

This was originally planned before the Walk In The Cope's Shoes event, but combined, it makes a whole weekend of giving.

"There's a lot of needs right here in our own community that we really want to address to be able to send our people out and to help them meet the serious needs in the community," said New Life Assembly's Dean Buse. "It really blesses the people that need it as well as it enlarges our hearts when we go out and take what we normally receive here on a Sunday morning, but now take that out into the community on a Sunday."

There were nearly 1,400 people who went to around 100 different locations including schools, nursing homes, Habitat For Humanity Homes and donated their time.