Civil Rights Leader Shares Story with Hastings Students


Hastings kids get a chance to learn about civil rights from someone who's lived it.

Rev. Dr. James Peters shared his story, as a preacher who stood alongside Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement.

Kids know the famous, "I have a dream" speech, but beyond that, may have misconceptions and someone who was involved can clear them up.

Peters said, "One kid said, 'did all white people hate all black people?' I said, 'absolutely not.' Everything I did in the civil rights movement, there were white people involved in it. So kids have a chance, they have opinions, this gives them a chance to make their expression, have their questions answered."

The talk was a hit with students like Landon Jacobus, a fifth-grade student at Longfellow Elementary.

"He was talking about Martin Luther King and why it was so important during segregation and why they shouldn't have it, why blacks didn't have the rights whites did," Jacobus said.

Rev. James will preach at First Presbyterian Church in Hastings this Sunday and will be the featured speaker for the Hastings African American Awareness Committee's annual banquet this Saturday afternoon at the Adams County Fairgrounds.