Classic Car Show Draws a Silent Protest


Advocates for the movement to keep the veterans home in Grand Island have taken an annual fundraising opportunity and used it as a forum for a peaceful protest.

Classic cars and motorcycles lined the veterans home parking lot for the 14th annual Classic Car and Bike show in Grand Island on Sunday. The funds raised will help with Christmas gifts for all members of the veterans home.

The show was judged by public participants, the winner an orange Ford Escort. The car was symbolic of the protest.

Hall County District 6 Supervisor Gary Quandt, said "It's to keep the movement alive. They're using this as a mobile petition drive today. It's one way for veterans to have a voice in this process."

The signatures on the orange car were symbolic of a peaceful protest, but supporters continue to collect signatures on paper with the same message they saw on the car -- "Keep the Veterans Home in Grand Island."