Clay Corner


Members of Integrated Life Choices pick up a brush every week and get creative at Clay Corner ceramics in Grand Island. Whether you're a Picasso or not, owner Geri Zaruba helps would-be artists get there.
"People are big doubters on what their ability is and you just have to coach them through it and give them the confidence to get through it and once they get it figured out, away they go," Geri said.
Geri grew up around ceramics in her mother's shop. When her mom decided to give up the business, Geri stepped in and created Clay Corner ceramics. The name was pretty easy, because the shop deals with clay and sits right on the corner.
"It's a way to sit back and relax and forget about all the troubles of the day."
Clay Corner is a traditional ceramics shop. Customers can buy a piece and work on it at home or sit in on a class any Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday afternoon by appointment. Painters of all ages and skill levels come to clay corner and they're especially popular for birthday parties.
"They truly love it and they're the ones who just dive in and go," Geri said.
Whether you're looking for something to put on your mantle, in your garden, or a way to celebrate the season, Clay Corner probably has it. They have over 5,000 different molds ready to paint, everything from characters from everyone's favorite street to a favorite football team.
"There's an endless supply, it's a matter of finding it."
Whether or not customers become the next great painter of our generation is up to them. However, Geri and Clay Corner promise to help you create your next masterpiece.
Would-be artists can choose from many different acrylic paints and glazes. Many people also
give their creations away as presents and gifts.

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