Get Clicked in to Christmas with Fun, Holiday Apps


Trash the paper and break the pencil, Santa can now receive your Christmas list electronically. Many kids are sending Santa their wish list with an app called "Letters to Santa".

Once the letter is sent, Santa responds in a timely fashion with a very personalized e–mail.

To add to holiday festivities, you can also download an app called "Reindeer Cam".

"You can see the live reindeer and you can see Santa feeding them at certain times during the day," said Angie Biddlecome, Verizon store manager. "I do believe that's four hours in a day."

Reindeer Cam is live and only works on apple phones.

However there are countless holiday apps that work on your i-Phone, Android, or personal tablet and the best part of this is most of them are free.

You can purchase them at the app store which is usually provided on your phone or tablet.

Some fun holiday apps can be found at these websites: