Coaching Controversy Hits Central City Public Schools


It was a crowd you don't see at every school board meeting. Many members of the Central City community showed up at their local school board meeting outraged at a firing decision.

On April 4, Darin Garfield, was fired from his position as head football coach, but was allowed to remain as wrestling coach.

Community members had questions for their school board regarding the staffing change at the Monday night meeting.

Kim Brown, mom of Central City's quarterback, said she's never questioned Garfield's judgment.

Kip Lenhart, a Central City alumni asked, "How can you have a coach in three sports and remove him from one and not give it a justification."

Lenhart added some people fear Garfield may leave the school altogether. She said, "There are a lot of people confused and upset over this situation."

Coach Garfield said he hadn't planned on speaking at the meeting but wanted to share his side. He said he doesn't have any clear answers either.

Many students shared that they were also feeling uncertainty about the situation. Even students who didn't have Garfield as a coach spoke up for keeping him as a football coach, saying they feared he would leave the school.

School Board member Brian Buhlke said, "We are the leaders. We are the ones that are supposed to administer what's going on and for some reason we're failing them."

Although school board members didn't discuss personal details, many agreed there is a communication problem.

Dale Palser, Central City school board president, said the school board will meet in hopes of having answers by the next board meeting in May.

"The board is planning on having some work sessions and see where we're going from now," shared Palser.